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5 Steps to Create Audio Blog Posts For Stellar Results

Ready to take your content marketing to the next level this year? With the rise of wireless headphones and a surge in podcast popularity, there’s no doubt that online music and sound production has gained an incremental amount of traffic in recent years. So, why not take advantage yourself by creating an audio blog?

Recent studies show that audio content is being consumed 83% more than before the start of the pandemic. It’s clear that an increasing amount of us are turning towards audio content as opposed to written material with its convenience and ease-of-use, so if you’re on the hunt for new ways to diversify your content marketing strategy this year – audio blogging will become your go-to method to carve out space in a saturated market.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to get set up as a pro audio blogger and how to create your first audio blog to share with the world! Read on for more:

1. Start Creating Your Audio Blog!

Whether you publish blogs on WordPress or Medium, you’ll first need to get your content ready on a reliable hosting site. Sift through your content piece by piece and make sure it is fully optimized for search engines. It’s vital to add in as many relevant keywords and key phrases as possible – bearing in mind that Google has the power to crawl not just text and imagery posted online, but video and audio too!

The second aspect you need to optimize is tone of voice. Remember, we’re dealing with audio – so it’s imperative to apply a conversational tone to your writing. A great way to assess if your content is conversational or not is by reading it out loud. Does it flow well? Is it natural-sounding? Or is it jagged, stiff, and disjointed? Make updates where needed and continue reading through until it sounds just like you’re talking to a friend.

We recommend publishing blogs in WordPress to maximize SEO potential. BlogcastTM has a direct plugin with WordPress that allows you to automatically convert posts to audio and extend your reach with our audio blogging tool!

2. Choose Your Audio Software

Next, it’s time to select your go-to audio software. While there are a number of online resources to help get your feet off the ground, Blogcast is jam-packed with dynamic audio features so you can craft compelling audio content in less time. From podcasts to video voiceover, BlogcastTMis equipped with the essential tools and resources you need to engage your audience, as well as increase reach and discovery as growing audio blogger. Better yet, you don’t even need a microphone to get started!

3. Choose Your Voice And Language

If you want to reach even more people than your native audience, why not translate your audio content into multiple different languages? From English to Spanish, Russian and Korean – BlogcastTM uses artificial intelligence to convert your articles into audio using text-to-speech technology, giving you unrivaled audio quality you won’t find elsewhere. Take it an extra step by selecting different voice styles and accents to appeal to a wider range of listeners.

4. Publish Podcasts, Videos & Audio Chapters

Time for the fun part! Now you’ve converted your written content into audio blogs, it’s time to get social and share your work with the world. From videos to podcasts, BlogcastTM puts the power in your hands so you can create captivating marketing content for your audience, with the ability to publish audio chapters from existing book content, online training courses, demos, support materials and so much more. Voice-enable content to your heart’s desire!

5. Create And Redistribute

If you love repurposing content then you’re going to love BlogcastTM. Easily create and redistribute your generated audio content across multiple channels and formats such as Youtube, podcasts, product explainers, or for any other commercial purposes. We make it quick and easy to optimize content into diverse formats so you can expose your material to a larger demographic and ultimately accelerate brand awareness.

Audio blogging is one of the most effective ways to maximize engagement between you and your audience. After all, humans learn verbal communication even before they learn how to read – so why not express your brand voice in a literal way? The audio wave is coming whether you like it or not. If you want to grow your business faster than ever by producing double the content in half the time, creating an audio blog will help fast-track your results and is bound to give you the edge against your competitors.

Are you ready to produce audio blog posts faster than ever before?

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